Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm talkin' about something like totally tubealicious!!

I just noticed when I went to do this post that I haven't posted since my last Chic-Critique post. I think that is called being entirely too busy and absolutely worn plum out!!! It's not that I don't have some cool stuff to post about...my sister Cathy's visit, a girls weekend/reunion with college friends, High Point International Furniture Market, new house decor, some fabulous finds for my home that will be just divine once I give them a little tender loving care...the list goes on since I still have some things from last December that I haven't posted about. Ha! Will I ever get caught up?? Maybe I'll take a vacation to get caught up with my life....what a lovely dream!! Anyway, today I am posting about my favorite mascara called Kiss Me. You would think that with a name like that it would be a product for your lips. No. It's for your lashes. It doesn't "paint" your lashes like normal mascara. It forms tiny water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes that once applied, binds to your lashes to prevent running, smudging, clumping or flaking. I will never go back to regular mascara because this product is totally tubealicious!!! To learn more, check me out at www.chic-critique.com. Write me a little note to let me know that you stopped by to visit. I think I'll go back to dreaming about taking a vacation!!!


Mari said...

I'm heading over there!

Mari said...

I went over there and can't find your post. Where are you?