Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dinner for friends

Tonight we took dinner to some dear friends of ours. They are an amazing family that is going through a tough time right now. This father of five girls, and husband of an amazing woman was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer on our 2nd anniversary (December 10th). Please keep them in your prayers, and check out their blog to read their complete story at You will find that he is such an inspiration!!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

House Update

Hello everyone!! I'm FINALLY back!! Once again, I was having computer issues so I wasn't able to blog. Very frustrating!! I thought I should give you a house update before I start blogging all of the fun stuff that has been happening. They have been working hard on the house, and we hope to move in sometime in January. They still have to lay the hardwood floors, put in kitchen countertops, install kitchen appliances, hang all of the lights, tile the master shower, put the hardware on all of the cabinets, install the closets, mirrors, plumbing fixtures, put in the landscaping and install the picket fence in the backyard. After all of that, we will have to go through a punchlist with the builder. That should be fun!! The cabinet maker wasn't happy that I wanted a bigger lazy susan, so I'm sure he will be really disgusted when I tell him a couple of other things that I don't like and want him to change!! The joys of building a custom home:) Make sure you are really in love with your spouse before you tackle this kind of project:)

The shutters look so good with the front door and the brick!!

I am so happy with the color of the stain on the front door.

These are the steps off the back deck, but they still have to put the finishing touches on them.
They have been working on getting the doors on the cabinets.
I am so in love with the old school kitchen farmhouse sink!!
Here's our double oven- we love you Pickens!!
The tile looks really good against the blue paint. It brings out the blue in the slate looking tile.

My bathroom counter
Our jacuzzi tub- they still have to do the tile tub surround.
I adore the subway tile in our guest bath.
This is the tile that we used in the guest bath and the laundry room.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

House Update

I'm so sorry that I have been MIA for a few days. My computer has been down AGAIN!! Life has been hectic with trying to wrap up all decisions with the house. They have been painting, the drywallers have been fixing the nicks in the walls, they put the stone fireplace in and the cabinet guy has been trying to put all the final touches on the cabinet doors, trim, etc. The painters will be back in again next week to put the final coats of paint on and the tile man will be laying the tile in the master bath, guest bath and laundry room. We are getting so close I can almost taste it!! On another happy note, my parents are coming for a visit:) They are bringing me boxes of my stuff from their attic. Yuck!! More boxes, just what I need. I can't wait to see what I might find in there, though. Old cheerleading uniforms, Judy Blume books and love letters from my husband from elementary school days (we met at church camp and he used to write me letters) are some of the things that I suspect I will find. It should be fun going through all of the old memories!!

Our fireplace- I LOVE IT!!
The tile for our master bath floor, tub surround and shower
The lighting must have been bad in the kitchen because the walls are actually a softer terra cotta color than what this looks like.
The pantry/laundry room
My upstairs office- funny lighting again
The shutters
Our bedroom-lots of drywall touch ups

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