Thursday, May 28, 2009

Frugal Friday

I have always been a bargain shopper, but I have to admit that I only found out about the Dollar Tree a couple of years ago. Dollar Tree...where have you been all my life? Oh, I Mother doesn't do dollar stores. Nothing wrong with that (I love you Mom for teaching me to love the nice things in life). I do love to see what I can get for a great deal, though. I mean, look what you can get for $11.00 plus tax:
Their spray bleach cleaner is great
White-out, popcorn and Reynold's Wrap~ can't go wrong with those
Drop cloth, sandpaper, painter's tape, picture hanging kit~ all useful for all the the home decor projects that I have going on
3 energy drinks for my hubs~ I don't know if he really liked any of them, but Red Bulls are really expensive.
I would also recommend their gift boxes and bags, tissue paper, some of their greeting cards aren't bad, books, office supplies, little toys and books for children, some of their seasonal stuff, and crafting supplies. I would not, however, recommend buying pregnancy tests from there:) I'm just saying...

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm back..maybe

Hello to any friends who might still be reading. Yes, I know I haven't posted since Easter. I am in a blog funk. I don't know the direction that I want my blog to go. I have so many ideas, but just not enough time to implement any of them. I have so many ideas swirling in my head. Do I want to be real and write about what is on my mind (there could be some REALLY long posts)? Do I want to write about my life's journey...I promise I could make you laugh and cry with everything that has happened to me along the way? Do I want to concentrate on my home and the decorating fun and challenges that I have faced trying to get our new home put together? Do I want to write about my love of cooking and share recipes? I read other blogs, and I feel so inadequate. I want my blog to be my place of joy, but right now it is not. It is just mocking me saying "You don't have enough time or energy to focus on me". There are so many things that I don't know how to do with my blog that I want to learn, but I just don't have the time to devote to learning. I feel sad when I realize that no one reads my blog anymore and no one comments if I do happen to post. The fact that you have readers and that they leave comments is what keeps you going. Blogging is kinda like a part time job, though, and I have just not had the time or energy to put into it. I am tired of my blog design...I want a more clean, streamlined look. I want a better camera that takes fabulous pictures that I can blow up big and they look like a professional photographer has taken them. I want to learn how to sew and post pictures of the fun things that I make. I want to rehab thrifty finds and post lots of before and after pictures. I want to sponsor some fabulous giveaways. I want to create a blog that has people looking forward to checking in every day to see what I have posted. I want to inspire people. If there is anyone reading, what would you like to read from me? I am going to try to implement some of these changes that I have been wanting to make to my blog. Stay tuned and hopefully I will get out of this funk and back into the groove.

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