Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!!!

What a fun day!!! This doesn't happen very often in South Carolina. We are having a Snow Day!!! I was laughing last night when they canceled school for today. I was thinking that the person in charge of canceling school just wanted to stay home today to watch the Inauguration. While that might be true, we have gotten some snow. Now, it is not like the snow that I grew up with. We won't be making any snowmen, but it IS accumulating on my porch. I wish my camera could capture the snow swirling in the air, but it just doesn't. Just imagine some large white raindrops that disappear when they get close to the ground. By the way, I think Walmart and the grocery stores are out of bread, milk and tunafish.

Here's Ali prancing through the snow on the back porch. She says "Hey. I remember this stuff. It's been a few years, but I like playing in it."
"What??" The girls say as they look down at the yard. "No snow on the ground to play with???"
Here's our Winter Wonderland.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am still trying to recover from my trip to Atlanta (Known in the South as Hotlanta or a Northeasterner that is transplanted in the South might say Hotlanter) for my new job. It was good, but I was exhausted when I got home. I've been trying to keep myself from getting a full-on cold. I really like my new job!! Before I left for Atlanta, my hubs had been gone on a 3 day golf trip. He brought me home a surcie, that sweet man. Oh how I love him!!

He knows how I love my Reefs. These are the perfect addition to my flip-flop collection. Cool new t-shirt too!!
When I arrived in Atlanta, my new boss had a little "Market survival" kit for me. Water, tic tacs, bath salts, Carmex, candle, hand lotion, band aids, foot cream and Advil...just little things but all things that are needed for a rough week working at market.
On my way to my car one evening, I ran across this little treat on the sidewalk. Yes, it is a used pregnancy test. What??? Really???
Almost as gross was the gnarly toothbrush that was next to the used pregnancy test. Check out those mangled bristles.
The same night that I ran across my little sidewalk goodies, I had to make a trip to Wal-mart. My flat iron had died that morning, and no one wants to see my hair without a flat iron. Wal-mart was the only thing that I could find open that late at night. I walked past the garden center to find this...I think this is where all Wal-mart Christmas wrapping paper must go to die. I've never seen anything like it. There is no way that this pic captures how much wrapping paper was in that building!! There were rows after rows that looked like that.
My new boss had a little party for us on our last night. She catered in dinner and gave out cash awards. I won 60 bucks. Not bad for my first few days on the job.
The whole group
I brought some samples home with me, and I'm getting boxes of new stuff every day. The girls loved going through the boxes of samples. They particularly liked the company that sells the stroller blankets and aprons.
Ali didn't want to take the blanket off.
An hour later she was still sleeping on the floor with the blanket around her.
I'm happy with the way 2009 is going so far. I hope that this new job will continue to go well!! It would be nice to have everything go smooth for a little while!! Who am I kidding??? This is my life after all!!!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a safe, happy and fun New Year's Eve!! I can't believe it is 2009. My New Year's resolution is to blog more often. I only posted 4 times in December. That is totally unacceptable. You know it's bad when your Mom tells you that you need to post something new.
I pray that this year will bring lots of good things to all of my friends and family. I pray that we will see positive changes in our country and our world this year. I pray to have a heart of generosity. I pray for inner peace and contentment. I pray for growth in my already happy marriage. I pray for a child. What do you pray for?

We spent our New Year's Eve at the club where my husband works. It is so fun to dress up in our finest and enjoy our time with each other, celebrating the beginning of a new year together.
The club looked beautiful with the white and silver decor.Good band, excellent food, champagne toast, balloon drop...all make for a good night.
We walked around to each table to say hello and take pictures.
This is our builder and his wife.
He hooked us up with the brick for our home.
Our dentist and his date
Our bank manager and her husband
Our wine connoisseur and his wife
There is a family that has three generations of members. Granddad, Son and Grandson...they are a great family!!

Granddad and his girlfriend
Son and his wife
The grandson was not there, but here's a pic of him and his wife at a beach wedding that we attended with them a couple of years ago.
Mike took the arrangements off the table for me while I took pics. He looked so Vegas showgirl with all the feathers surrounding him.
The excitement of the evening was when the horns on our table caught on fire. The streamers on the horns got a little too close to the candles. Can you see the charred ends of the horns? Mike decided that he should make sure that the horns still worked, but I'm not sure why he had to shut his eyes and squint to see if they worked or not.
I think this cardboard cutout has seen better days. It fell over on us when we got behind it to take a pic.
I wish all of you a happy, prosperous and successful 2009!!