Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello Again

It has been so long since I blogged that I forgot my sign-in information. My Mom says that she still checks my blog everyday, but is disappointed to find that I haven't posted anything. "When are you going to blog again?". That is what I hear from her. I had one friend send me a facebook message that just said July 24, 2009. I didn't know what she was talking about, but had to chuckle when I found out that it was the last time that I had blogged. She checks everyday too. Who knows if I have anyone else who ever checks in on me anymore? I apologize. I have missed blogging, but I have had some issues that have just prevented me from doing so. Here they are:

1) I have been positively OVERWHELMED. It is better now, but I have decided to start a second blog to talk about it. I think I have some important things to say, and I have been feeling this tug to write it all down and get it out there. I am not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me. I just think that writing about everything that I have been through will be therapeutic for me, and maybe I can help someone else out along the way. A second blog you say?? Why would I start a second blog when I haven't blogged on my original blog since last July? Well, I want to keep this separate from my original blog. Some people might not be interested in reading this second blog, so I want to start it so that only the interested can read it and the others can enjoy my original blog.

2) I have struggled with the direction that I wanted this blog to go. My personal favorite blogs are home decor blogs, DIY blogs and creative-type blogs. When I started this blog, we were building our home and I thought it would be a great way to keep our family and friends up to date on the progress of our home being built. After the house was finished, I just kinda blogged about whatever was going on in our lives. No real direction to the blog. That is fine, but I want to get back to the original intention of this blog...our home.

3) I started this blog on September 12, 2007. I can't believe that it will be three years this Fall. Wow!! In these three years, I have met so many new, amazing women through the blogging world. Some I have only "met" online, but some I have actually met in person. I can't believe how connected you can feel to someone by reading a blog. I have watched their blogs grow, change and evolve. I started reading some bloggers when they first started their blogs, and now they are some of the most popular bloggers in the blogosphere. I could have been there with them, but my blog didn't grow, change and evolve because I just haven't had the energy to put into growing, changing and evolving this blog. I want to change that. I have some ideas that I am working on putting into classes to showcase better pictures, a blog design makeover and hundreds of ideas stored in my head ready to show you what I have been up to around my home. Think: The Nester, Thrifty Decor Chick, A Soft Place to Land, Southern Hospitality, The Lettered Cottage, etc. I hope to offer something similar to their blogs, on a much smaller scale to start with. I would like to see how I can grow it, though, and hopefully make a little extra money from it.

4) Facebook came into my life. It was so much quicker than writing out a blog post, and playing with the pictures to tell a story. Cropping, takes a long time to blog. Facebook is instant gratification, and it has been fun to reconnect with many people. It is not blogging, though.

So those are the basic four reasons why I stopped blogging these last 9 months. I hope you will re-join me on one or both of my blogs over the next few months as I try to grow my original blog and tell the story that I need to tell on my second blog that I will be starting. You can expect to see lots of changes around here, so I hope you will be back. Hello again, my long lost blog-reading friends!!

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