Friday, July 24, 2009

Frugal Friday

So I have found a new little hobby. Quite by accident, really. I have a friend who likes to thrift shop, and I had been telling her for a long time that I was looking for 2 bedside tables that I could paint black for my guest bedroom. I told her to look for me when she was out and about thrifting. I have never been much of a thrift shopper. I started reading lots of decorating blogs with thrifty makeovers, though, and I thought "I could do that". Pair that with the fact that a new thrift store opened down the road from the house and it is a brand new building, it is super clean, not smelly and it is close to a bunch of rich neighborhoods. All of those things make a difference, trust me. I have gone into some other thrift stores...skeeved me out... sensitive nose. I have been periodically going in to check out the furniture and housewares for things that I could makeover. I had been looking for some kind of little table that I could put beside my jacuzzi tub to hold my drink, book and bathing supplies. I found this cute little two tiered table for $7.00...I will be spray painting it white. Notice how I staged it with a candle, bath salts, bottle of wine, wine glass and a beautiful book. I feel sure that I will not be reading "The Pleasure of your Company" hardback coffee table book in the bath, but the colors of the book looked pretty. When not in use next to the tub, I will store this little table in my closet as a shelf for some pocketbooks or some other girly neccessity.

In other thrify news, I found this great little fruit and veggie stand by the side of the road on my way home from work today. I got all of this beautiful, South Carolina grown produce for $15.00. Score!! What a rip-off grocery store produce is!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Frugal Friday

I've done so much since my last Frugal Friday post, but telling you about all of that is just gonna have to wait. Here we are at Frugal Friday once again. I made another trip back to "The Target Graveyard", so I thought that you would want to see what I scored on this trip.

1) America license plate picture- I paid $2.50 In the store for $39.99
2) Boppy baby sling carrier- I paid $16.00 In the store for $39.99
3) Large glass canister- I paid $2.50 Had a tag on it for $24.90
4) Seagrass basket- I paid $2.50 Something like it in the store for $24.99
5) Making memories scrapbook paper set of 40 sheets- I paid $4.50 Something like it in the store for $14.99 and $19.99
6) Black birdcage- I paid $8.60 In the store for $24.99 (I think)
7) 5 piece drawer storage kit- I paid $3.50 In the store for $12.99 (I think)
8) Disney Princess and Cars dry erase activity boards- I paid $4.00 each Something like it in the store for $12.99
9) XOXO pewter letters- I paid $6.00
10) Cream bird plate stand- I paid $6.00
11) 5 air freshners- I paid $2.50 for all 5
12) Lint roller refill- I paid $2.00

Hope ya'll have a Happy 4th of July!! Be safe!!
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