Friday, July 24, 2009

Frugal Friday

So I have found a new little hobby. Quite by accident, really. I have a friend who likes to thrift shop, and I had been telling her for a long time that I was looking for 2 bedside tables that I could paint black for my guest bedroom. I told her to look for me when she was out and about thrifting. I have never been much of a thrift shopper. I started reading lots of decorating blogs with thrifty makeovers, though, and I thought "I could do that". Pair that with the fact that a new thrift store opened down the road from the house and it is a brand new building, it is super clean, not smelly and it is close to a bunch of rich neighborhoods. All of those things make a difference, trust me. I have gone into some other thrift stores...skeeved me out... sensitive nose. I have been periodically going in to check out the furniture and housewares for things that I could makeover. I had been looking for some kind of little table that I could put beside my jacuzzi tub to hold my drink, book and bathing supplies. I found this cute little two tiered table for $7.00...I will be spray painting it white. Notice how I staged it with a candle, bath salts, bottle of wine, wine glass and a beautiful book. I feel sure that I will not be reading "The Pleasure of your Company" hardback coffee table book in the bath, but the colors of the book looked pretty. When not in use next to the tub, I will store this little table in my closet as a shelf for some pocketbooks or some other girly neccessity.

In other thrify news, I found this great little fruit and veggie stand by the side of the road on my way home from work today. I got all of this beautiful, South Carolina grown produce for $15.00. Score!! What a rip-off grocery store produce is!!


Mari said...

Cute stand! The produce looks so good. You got a good deal and it tastes better than what you get in the store too!

Jessica Ford said...

I love the cute stand! I love to do small makeovers on furniture! And Yes you gotta love the fresh produce.. I went to a farmer's market this morning and absolutely loved it!

Angie Seaman said...

Hey girl. I didn't see a link to the AGD post. Did you put it somewhere. I saw where you linked from my blog to yours but there isn't any AGD photo. People were asking me so I thought I'd better ask you fo' sho'! If you want to try and resubmit a link and point it to where the AGD post is on your blog, go ahead. I'll just delete the one there currently and you can correct it and resubmit the link. Sound good sista'? Thanks for playing along. I really appreciate it.
Hugs, Angie

Jenna said...

Love your bathtub! We have a whirlpool tub with slate around the top and white beadboard on the sides and it reminds me so much of ours! We LOVE it!!! Love the cute stand what a steal :)


Richella said...

Hi Leigh Ann!

I was so happy to meet you on Saturday. I've been looking around your blog--it's beautiful, and what I've seen of your home tells me that it's lovely, too. That's a good thing, because you're a beautiful woman! It was such a pleasure to get to visit with you a bit. I look forward to getting to know you better.


Vindiciti said...

What a great idea! I saw a link to you over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, and thought I'd stop by. I'm happy to say I'm following now. :)

Terri said...

Hi Leigh Ann! It was wonderful to meet you on Saturday at the Nester's!!! It was a fun day, and so neat to meet all these wonderful women. I like your blog! Blessings!!!

The Scooper said...

Hey there! So good to have met you over the weekend. Don't be surprised if Lily and I show up at your house to raid your basement one day. So glad to know of your blog too. Now I can come visit!

Audra said...

Adorbable stand! You've added just the right touch to it. Frugal Score on the fruits and veggies. I joined a co-op in my area and vowed NEVER to go back to grocery store prices!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe I put Laurie. I completely 100% was thinking Leigh Ann when I typed it. I think its because it was the wee hours of the morn. So sorry.

The Blushing Hostess said...

I agree regarding produce and the green bags really help to lengthen their freshness!

jenniedub said... need a new post!!! :)

jenniedub said...

I gave you an award. Go to my now you have something you can blog about! :)

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