Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone has a great time tonight, whatever your plans may be. The best part of Halloween for me is seeing all the cute costumes on my friend's children. I just wish that I lived close to my Illinois friends and family so that I could see all of their cute children!! We started our celebrating by going to the Halloween party on Thursday night at the country club where my husband works. Tonight we are planning to go on a hayride with friends and their children to trick or treat in the neighborhood where hubs works. Be safe and Happy Halloween!!

She was trying so hard to get that cute family pic...her daughter just didn't want to cooperate. You have to chuckle when that happens.
Very cute family pic. I just wish that "Woody" would have been looking at the camera.
This cute frog was hopping around and saying ribbit, ribbit.
"Woody" and the "Bee". When I said hi to "Woody", he said, "No!! My name is Eli."
Don't those three brothers look so cute?? Their Mom tells me to not let them fool me!!
Such cute girlfriends!! Do you think they called each other and said "Hey let's meet at the club for a girl's night out?"
How fun that the princess in the middle would have a grandmother who would dress up as Snow White with her and ride on the hay ride??
A most precious SuperGirl!!
This little bug was the most precious little thing. You should have seen her puffy bum. So cute!! She happens to be the one that I mentioned earlier who didn't want to get a family pic taken.
Without a doubt this is the cutest duck ever!!! He was so darn cute trying to waddle around with his puffy little bum too.
She had already taken off her fairy costume because she told her Mom that it was too itchy, but I was finally able to convince her to give me fake smile.
What a great pirate!! Was he giving me that grrrrr pose?? I doubt it since he is the sweetest pirate that I know!! post signature


Mari said...

Those are some cute kids!

Cheri said...

OH..MY..WORD...- That duck!
I just want to eat him up- he's so stinkin cute!

Cathy said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there to see all the cutie kiddies. I WAS there in 2007. What fun! Did you have a haunted house? I especially loved the duck too.

Anonymous said...

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