Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Who doesn't love to get a surcie (little surprise gift) in the mail? My friend Brandy saw this book and thought of me. She thought there were some cute ideas for my new home. How thoughtful!! Thanks Brandy!! I will blog my craftiness when I make something from the book.
On a funny note, the cable company sent someone to install a new outlet in my office because the old one wasn't working correctly. He accidentally drilled some holes....
...on each side of the wall. I wish you could have seen the 18 inch drill bit hanging out on the other side of the wall in the staircase. I tried to get a pic before he took it out because it made for a much funnier post. The holes give you a good idea of his little oops, though:) By the way, he made a total of 4 holes in my walls, and no he did not fix them. Supposedly, they will be sending someone else out to fix them. Ha! We'll see if that happens.
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Cheri said...

How fun to get that in the mail!!

Did the guy fix the holes in your wall?

Terri said...

Great mail!!
But the holes in the wall - that kind of stinks. Yeah, we'll see if they fix it or leave it up to Mike!

Mari said...

What a nice surprise. I bet you will love reading through that. They better fix those holes!