Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crafty Craftiness

Remember this stuff??? Well, I finally turned it into something... match these (they still need a big fat monogram on them).
The finished product is my front door wreath.
The red ticking stripe ribbon matches my pillows. I saw this wreath in a really fun home decor store, but it was around $100.00. What??? Pooey. I could make that myself. I asked if I could buy all the pieces separately and not only did I save a ton of money but I think I did almost as good a job as they did:)
My old home had a navy door and navy shutters, so I had painted my wrought iron doormat navy.
That wouldn't work in my new home, so I took the paint that was used on our shutters and repainted it. I love it with my stained front door and now it matches our shutters!!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, How purty it all looks! I believe your company comin' your way is gonna think so too. Why dint I get any of that "craftiness"? You could mebbe talk your Momma into addin' that monogram to them there pillers! Woo-hoo!!!!

Cheri said...

I am totally impressed! The wreath is so cute and I love the door mat. Isn't it a good feeling when you do it yourself and it turns out so well.
If you have leftovers, my front door could use a wreath too!

Darby said...

Very cute! I love a project!!

Mari said...

I love them both. You did a great job! Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Dena said...

check you out you crafty ass - no wonder you too busy to chat these days - looks GREAT! I would have guessed you bought it and way to redo the mat - its perfect - we may now need a new wide shot of the front of the house!

meg duerksen said...

your new house is SO pretty.
how are all those boxes coming along?

i love your metal grate rug.
i need one of those...ours looks awful.
worn out.

thanks for linking sweet of you.

that book you got in the mail looks good.
i love reusing.

have a great day today!

Amy Jo said...

love that wreath!