Friday, June 6, 2008

Friendship Friday

Our friends Kyle and Amanda will be getting married in a couple of weeks. Last Saturday, we went to an engagement party hosted by some other friends of ours. FUN PARTY!!! We are excited for the wedding. Best wishes to you!!!

The special couple

Lu did a great job making her patio a festive place for a party. Lu- your yard and house look amazing!!!
I LOVE my fun friends Ferris, Sissy and Chevis!!! How cool are all of their names???
Lu and Kyle- friends since college
Clark, Lu, Luke and Frank- apparently there was more than one shot being taken since Lu and Luke are looking at me and Clark and Frank are looking at another camera. It's still a cute pic, though.

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Cheri said...

Looks like a fun time. I love the way she decorated the patio!

Terri said...

I love the decorations too - I can see it was a fun time!

Darby said...

Leigh Anne... I somehow missed Chico's in Mt. Carmel! Was it a mexican place? They do/did have a "Hawaiian Shaved Ice" stand "uptown" every summer... which I remember frequenting every summer... sometimes numerous times a day!

Mari said...

What a cute couple. Looks like a good time!

Darby said...

The only thing I think of in Mt. Carmel that sounds like that is Taco Tierra!? Is that like Chicos? It's tex-mex with a drive-thru or dine-in. Their sauce is a "ketchup-y salsa"... I wonder if we're talking about the same thing... and I think they have pellet ice?

Dena said...

what a super fun party! your friends are as cute as can be and their names are tres posh and fun!