Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving Day...

...Posted a few months later. I have been trying to play catch up on all of the things that I have not had time to post in the last few months. This moving day was such a big day for us after everything that we have been through the last few years (I'll save that for another post).
If you have a move coming up, I highly recommend getting a POD. We were able to load our garage and other boxes before the movers ever showed up. They moved the POD to our new house and dropped it off by the garage for us to unload at our leisure. Of course, they put it in the most difficult location that prevented the movers from being able to put the moving truck in the driveway and they had to park on the road and carry all the way through the yard. It worked, but was just more difficult. Kinda like my life I guess...it eventually comes together but in the most difficult of ways:)

Two trucks + two and a half trips= we have too much stuff!!
As I had posted before in "The thirteen things that didn't go exactly as planned with our move" post, we ordered 4 men and 2 trucks but got 3 1/2 men and 1 1/2 trucks. That is the 1/2 man that is smiling for the camera (he was injured- why would you come to work as a mover when you have an injury- makes you useless- these are the things that I don't understand).

It's amazing to see these people pack a truck to the top!!
Little Ashleigh was terrified that she was going to get left. She was pitiful looking through the door from the back yard. I don't think a rescued dog that has been dropped off to fend for themselves ever really gets over that. In fact, she ran away the last time that we moved so we had to be careful that she stayed in the fenced in back yard.
The best part of the day was getting to sleep in our new home!!
Boxes, boxes, everywhere!!
Stacks of boxes everywhere!!
What a mess the movers made in this room. They even stacked boxes on top of a glass topped piece of furniture. Guess what??? The glass was broken when we moved the boxes. Wow- who would have ever thought that that would happen??? As I said before, rocket scientists these movers were not.
What is the world are we supposed to do with all of this stuff??? I feel sure that is what hubs was thinking when he was trying to move these boxes around.
Ashleigh was so discombobulated that she snuggled up on these covers that had come off of our bed for days. I didn't have the heart to move them until she felt adjusted and comfortable in her new home. I guess this was her security.
Our first housewarming gift. Thank you Chad and Sara!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of hard work! I can't imagine where all of that STUFF went! I suppose most of it has been either put away or thrown away by now. The place looks great, though. Your hubby looke a little discombobulated. LOL!!!
Love, SIS from Illinois

jenniedub said...

Moving is for the birds! Despise it with a passion but from your pics everything looks great now! :) And to respond to your post....yes, Columbia is not far away at all. I can foresee some planning in the future!

Cheri said...

Moving is such a ton of work. I swore that I would never move again after the last time.
Your puppies are so cute!

Mari said...

I've watched the ads for those Pods and thought they looked like a good idea.
Moving is a lot of work - all that packing just to unpack again. and the - you have to find it!

Terri said...

It is a ton of work. I can't believe that mover was injured - he certainly couldn't have done much but supervise!

duchess said...

Cute post - we've got a move coming up sometime this summer. I'm sure ours will be just as messy. We're actually going to your neck of the woods (sort of). The Upstate area of SC.

Love your house - hope I can find one that cute when I go looking.

Hooked on Houses said...

I love your new place. What an adorable house! -Julia :-)