Wednesday, November 7, 2007

House Update

The last few days has brought us cabinets, and they delivered the interior doors. As you can tell, a Thanksgiving move is not going to happen. Our builder has been keeping everyone busy, so we might be able to move in before Christmas.
The bookcases that surround the fireplace
A view of the kitchen cabinets from the breakfast nook
The side of the kitchen that is open to the Great room-there will be bar stools on the other side of the cabinets
A view of the kitchen cabinets from the Great room
The window seat and bookcases in the Master bedroom
The bead board interior doors

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Dena said...

Wow - He has really gotten a lot done since Saturday! It looks GREAT GREAT GREAT! I can't wait to come stay in my room! The doors are perfect! I am sooo excited for y'all!

Mari said...

I love the beadboard doors! It is going to be so nice - thanks for the update!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I love that you're going to have a window seat- I've always loved those. I'm so glad you keep updating us- beautiful house!

Terri said...

I love the window seats. I always wanted them if we built a house. You're making progress - it's just taking a bit longer than hoped for.
That way you'll really appreciate it - right?

Cathy said...

Oh, it looks fabulous, dahlink! Get out your whip and get them there workers BUSY!!!! Don't they know there's a Christmas is freakin'over party coming? Maybe you should change that to a housebuilding is freakin' over party! Love seeing the progress though. XOXOXOXOX

Buffie said...


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Hiya! Yes, reds are hard indeed! Mine's called Tanager by Sherwin Williams and it's a true Christmas red. The orange disappeared, finally. I think your Chicken Garnet would have been a good choice for me, although being a huge Clemson fan, I doubt I could've lived with it. Probably would've broken me out in hives!

My tan is called, excitingly enough, Favorite Tan, also by Sherwin Williams. It has a little tiny bit of green in it that shows in some lights and fades in others. We're also using a shade called Plantation Brown, which is a rich milk chocolatey brown, in the study and the powder room on the main level. That's actually the color I feel most excited to see on the walls, and I have never been much of a brown girl. There's just something about its richness that I can't deny! (chocolate walls. hey, you can't argue with that!)