Monday, November 5, 2007

The Doodlebops!!!

The Doodlebops Concert (Annie calls them Doodybox): FREE
*We love Uncle Mike's contact that gives us comp tickets*
Lunch at Wild Wings before the show: $47.08
Parking at The Colonial Center: $5.00
Candy Nuts (Annie's favorite): $3.50
Pink plastic Dee Dee hair hat which included a bag of cotton candy: $15.00
*Marketing geniuses- the only way you could buy cotton candy was to buy the hair*
Annie falling asleep in my lap using the cotton candy as a pillow: PRICELESS!!!


FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

LOVE that plastic wig! SO funny.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

How fun- I've never heard of them but what a great way to spend time together. Love Annie in her wig. It is the best when they're sleeping on you all cuddled up isn't it!
PS- thanks for your prayers for Heather!

Terri said...

Love the picture of Annie on the cotton candy. You can't get much softer than that.

Dena said...

girl - you know we love a concert as long as there's candied nuts and cotton candy! it certainly was interesting! but a day with you is ALWAYS the tops! thanks for the fun! we love you!

Mari said...

What fun - I'm sure you were all wild and crazy - no wonder Annie is sleeping! (what a cute picture)

Cathy said...

I'd have to say that Annabelle has got to be my favorite Doodlebug, er, I mean Doodlebop. Who can't love a chick with pink plastic hair? I'd love to be able to stick some pink plastic on in the a.m. I hate getting up and messing with REAL hair!!!!

LeslieW. said...

I was wondering what hair you were talking about with the cotton candy...and then I scrolled down to the picture! How funny!