Friday, November 9, 2007

Friendship Friday

This week I dedicate my Friendship Friday to my friend Margaret. I first met Margaret when I was working as a paper sales rep. She worked at a scrapbook store that I sold to, and we became instant friends. She is such a creative person who constantly inspires me with her crafty talents. She made me a beautiful scrapbook for a wedding shower gift, and plans to make me a wedding scrapbook when we move and I get all of my stuff out of storage. When I need help with something, she is my go-to person. I can always depend on her to help me when I need anything. (I also give props to her husband. He is the computer whiz who saved my laptop after I had been told that I needed to buy a new one!!! If I have a techy question or need a truck to pick something up, he's my guy!! Thank you!!) I also adore her daughter. She is such a sweet, smart, well-behaved, adorable little girl. Margaret is a great mother, and I just hope that I can be as good of a Mom as she is. I owe her big time for leading me back to church. I wasn't going very often until she invited me to Seacoast. I knew my life had changed from the first time I attended our church. I have enjoyed growing spiritually with her, teaching Sunday School with her and going out to lunch with her and her family on Sundays after church. In fact, this picture was taken last week in our Sunday School classroom. As you can imagine, everyone asked us if we had called each other that morning and planned to dress alike. Of course, I had to take a picture of the two of us dressed alike with plans to blog about it:) If anyone understands that, I know she will because she buys her daughter outfits to match scrapbook paper that she has purchased with a layout already dancing around in her head!! Thanks for being such a great friend!!

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Great post- It's so wonderful to be blessed with friends you can depend on always!

Mari said...

What a nice post - she sounds like a great friend. I love the picture. I would have taken it too - us bloggers think along the same lines!

Jennisa said...

Look at those hottie pa-totties!

Oh la la!!!!

Margaret said...

What can I say? I am sooooo honored! It's been great and continues to be. I am thankful for your friendship and your ability to make me smile and laugh!

Be sure to wear something to match on Sunday! Ha!
Love ya lots!

Terri said...

There is nothing better than a good friend. My sisters are my best friends (if you hadn't guessed by now). What would life be like without friends?