Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yummy Yummy!!!

Since Mike had to work late on Sunday night, we decided to go out to celebrate my birthday last night. He took me to my favorite restaurant- The Melting Pot!!! Let me just tell you, that plate of dessert dipped in The Flaming Turtle was (as my sister-in-law Jana would say) DIVINE!!!

I stand corrected. My sister-in-law let me know that her saying is actually "Simply Divine". (See comments) Thanks Jana because I wouldn't want to quote you wrong:) Love ya too!

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

That looks so good- we have one somewhat close to us- I'd love to check it out sometime!
Great picture of you and your husband-you look great together!

Terri said...

I've heard of that place. We have one somewhere around here. It sounds "to die for" I might have to try that with my sisters some night!

Mari said...

Sounds like a great place to go for a special night out. That plate of food looks good too!

Dena said...

YUMMY - Why do we never go there?
Oh yeah - me no cook my own food!

But you know I do LOVE a dessert!

Jennisa said...

that looks delish! yummy!

Anonymous said...

that dish looks yummy!!!!!

Jana said...

Hi Sister-in-law
Just read your birthday comment.
Just to let you know the famous quote is {SIMPLEY DIVINE} not divine. lol
Looked at pictures of your house and it looks beautiful. Looking foward to seeing it when its done.
Tell mike we said hi.
Love ya both
Steve and Jana

LeslieW. said...

YUM!!!That looks sooooo good!

Kelly P said...

Happy Birthday Leigh Ann!!! I love the Melting Pot too. althoug it has been YEARS since I have been. Isn't that sad?

So glad you had a great birthday and the house looks like it is coming along great!! Love the Sycamore Tan!!

Melissa said...

man o man you have an awesome haircut!

Buffie said...

Your hair looks great!! I have never been to the melting pot but have heard nothing but great things about it..that looks great!!