Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm FINALLY Back!!!!!

The drywallers taking a little siesta!!
Did you know that this is how they nail the drywall to the ceiling? It is amazing to watch them get around on these stilts. They are so fast!!
You just sit inside a wall when you're ready for your stilts to come off. Too funny!
The sheetrock is done in the kitchen.
The sheetrock is also done in the breakfast nook.
They took out the pine trees in front of the house, and they are bringing fill dirt in to even out the yard.
They have left one tree in the front yard, but I am not sure about it. It looks kind of scrubby to me. What do ya'll think?
They have constucted the back porch. They still have to build the back stairs and put brick columns around the wood supports. They will also pour a concrete patio under the back porch.
A better view of the back porch. We are going to live out there on that back porch!!!
Here's a view from the back porch. We even have cable tv out there!!!
I will try to catch everyone up on what has been going on the past two weeks. It has been jam packed full of friends and fun!! Look for some long posts coming from me in the future!!
It has been 2 weeks since I have been able to blog. My computer crashed, and I realized how addicted I was to blogging, e-mailing and surfing the net. I have been going nutso!!! After being on the phone with Time Warner tech support 2 different times for over an hour each time, they told me that I must have a bad modem. They told me that I had to exchange it at the Time Warner office, but when I went there they told me that I had to have a service call at my home. During the service call, they determined that my modem was fine but I must have a firewall problem. I went to The Geek Squad at Best Buy where they told me that I needed to reinstall my Windows operating system or buy a new computer because my computer wouldn't be worth the cost to try to fix the problem. I then purchased a thumbdrive to save my stuff because I anticipated the worst. New computer time:( Thank goodness for my friend Margaret's husband Lou who works on computers for a living. He saved me!!! Norton Antivirus was corrupt. Uninstall and reinstall antivirus software and presto! Back in business!!! Thank you Lou!!! His answer was Time Warner and The Geek Squad do not know what they are talking about. My answer- Praise the Lord for friends who are computer savvy!!
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Dena said...

Welcome Back!

Le - the house looks soooo amazing I just can't stand myself! I am going to LOVE LOVE LOVE hanging on the back porch with a cocky cocktail!

LeslieW. said...

That looks soooo awesome, I can't wait to hang out on your porch someday! I am totally jealous!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Oh- I'm so glad you're back. I almost posted a little nudge yesterday but I didn't want to bug you if you were really busy or something. I hate computer problems, I think I'd curl up in a ball if I couldn't have access to mine. Your house is looking great-it's going to be so beautiful!

Terri said...

I was wondering where you were. I hate computers sometimes but now that we're all blogging people, we have to have them. I just wish I knew a lot more about them. The house is coming along great. It's going to be so nice!

Mari said...

We missed you. I would have been going crazy too, without the computer. The house is looking just beautiful!

Jennisa said...

Glad you're back! And, your house....AMAZING! Holy moly! So beautiful!

It was so funny, I went to check my email, and I had like 10 comment emails from you! FUNNY!

Jennisa said...

Okay, here's how to do the email thing...

Go to SETTINGS, then click on COMMENTS, then go down to COMMENT NOTIFICATION ADDRESS, and just type in your email address, and hit the SAVE SETTINGS button at the bottom! Hope that helps!!!!