Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen on the 13th!!

Thirteen reasons I will be glad for my new house to be completed.

1) I will finally be able to unpack boxes that have been unopened in over 2 years. I will open all of my wedding presents and actually start using them.

2) We will have a fresh start in a brand new home, and try to put the past behind us.

3) I won't have to write that riduculously high rent check every month and I will get rid of the double payments (rent AND construction loan payment).

4) I will have a garage to park in rather than a garage full of boxes.

5) I will finally have the basement that I have always wanted with the space to start my own business.

6) We will hopefully be moved in by Thanksgiving so we can use our beautiful china and have all of our friends over to celebrate with us in our new home.

7) I will put up a tree and decorate for Christmas for the first time in three years. We will also resume the "Christmas is Freakin' Over Party" in January.

8) I will have a closet that I can hang my clothes in (my double-hung closet rack came crashing down this weekend with all my tops, pants and shoes in a heap on the bottom of the closet)

9) I will live in a house that doesn't have 1980's wallpaper and borders.

10) I will be able to use my own refrigerator, washer and dryer.

11) I will start cooking and entertaining again.

12) I will have guest bedrooms that don't look like department stores with boxes lined along the walls and stacked to the ceiling that sometimes come crashing down on guests (Grandma).

13) I will find things that have been missing for years, put things in their proper places and finally feel organized again.

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Dena said...

LOVE IT! Can't wait until you get into the house! It is SOOO BIG! I can't wait to go throught the basement and look at all the "crap" and OMG totally forgot what all you get for the wedding since I've NEVER seen it! hehehehe

And can't wait to resume the CHRISTmas is freakin over parte'!

So glad you are blogalicious!

Jennisa said...

Hope you're enjoying your blogging experience! Looks like Dena is LOVING having another bloggie buddy!

Terri said...

The house looks nice!! When are you supposed to be able to move in?

Shannon Davis said...

Great House LA. I can't wait to stay in our guest suite again. I am sooooo excited for you. You are so blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennisa said...

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LeslieW. said...

That is so much fun, I know you will be sooo excited when it is finished! Christmas is freakin' over, huh? That sounds very interesting!

Cathy said...

The house looks so fine! Bet you cannot wait! I know you will be a much happier person when you can get all your ducks in a row. Must be crazy to live the way you are now. Can't wait to see it in October. Love 'ya!

Liz said...

The house really looks like it is coming along great. I also love the lot! You both are going to really enjoy and appreciate it. This is my first time reading a blog and blogging! Fun! Can't wait to see what you are up to next:)

Heather Hinson said...


I had fun this past wkd. Soon you will be my neighbor and we can drink martini's all the time!

Heather Hinson said...

LA- I just read your blog from November 8th. Are you talking about the death of Elizabeth Shuford? She went to my church and had 2 young children. It is very sad. She was very active in all aspects of the church. I didn't know she was a member at Mike's club.