Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend!!

Did you think I was gone?? MIA?? Never going to post again?? Sorry. I have been B.U.S.Y!! I was also probably concentrating more on my newest addiction...Facebook!! So fun!! Anyway, I had the best weekend...Last weekend!!! Behind in posting again!! I hope this weekend is half as fun as last weekend!!

Last Saturday afternoon I went to my friend Margaret's monthly scrapbook class. It was raining outside, so it was the perfect rainy, summer afternoon activity. Her daughter Marissa helped pass out our supplies for the class, showed off her Disney scrapbook that she made from their summer vacation and modeled her new 'do {she donated her hair to locks of love}.
Look at the cute layout that we made. As a bonus project, we made a magnet with a clip and our initial on it.
On Saturday night, our neighbors invited us to dinner and a play/musical to celebrate her birthday.
The show was great!! If you live around here and have never been to Trustus Theatre, you must check it out. Small and quaint with movie theatre rocking seats, Cromer's popcorn and a beverage of your choice. Fun!! We had not been there in a long time, and we were surprised to see that they didn't have recliners to sit in like they had years ago.
On Sunday, I went to the lake with Margaret, Lou, Marissa, KT and Levi. I *Heart* Lake Murray!! Over 800 miles of shoreline, beautiful homes, restaurants on the water, a private lake club where Lou is a member and a ginormous dam. These are called the towers {the dam is behind them}. They go like 150 feet deep and generate electricity. I don't know the whole story on them, but Lou took a tour of them and he said it was pretty amazing how it all worked.
The day would have been perfect if I had not jumped into the water and cut my foot on the boat's propeller. O.U.C.H!!! That left a mark!!
I don't know how KT got stuck in the cuddie cabin with my float??
Marissa is a lake lover!!
Levi wasn't sure about the rockin' dock at first and didn't know if he wanted to get on the boat because he was scared that he would drown, but he loved it!!!
He had so much fun swimming that he had to lay down with his Daddy in the cabin for a cat nap. They were so cute nappin' together that we just couldn't help ourselves from takin' a pic. Sorry KT.
What a perfect summer weekend. The End.
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jenniedub said...

I see you are a lake girl too! Hanging out at the lake rocks! :) And btw facebook rocks... I am glad you are my friend!

Hipmomofboyz said...

looks like someone had a great weekend! I just love summer....

Jamie said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy! Looks like fun though.