Monday, July 21, 2008

What a great weekend!!

Well, my hubs came in third in the City Tournament. He wasn't happy, but I am still proud of him. The same three pros always seem to be in the top 3. He just doesn't want to be 3. He could have won if not for some water penalty shots. Such is golf...Honey, you are still a rockstar!!
Each day of this weekend was filled with fun. On Friday night, my friend Margaret called to see if I wanted to go to TJ Maxx and dinner. Well....YEAH!!! It was a good girl night. I needed one of those!!
On Saturday night, we were invited to a wine tasting. Our friends, Kyle and Amanda, are getting married in November and wanted their friends to choose the wine that will be served at their wedding. We did a blind taste testing where the wine bottles were covered in paper bags and numbered. We tried the wine, wrote notes about it and voted on our favorites. It was so fun!! It can be so deceiving when you are not influenced by the name, the label, the bottle or the price.

They served some yummy food!!
We talked and laughed.
This cake. Ohmygravy!! If you live in Columbia and need a chocolate high, check out Chocolate Nirvana. You can get this by the slice.......slice of heaven is what it should be called.
Kyle's dog, Duke, has to be one of my favorite dogs of all time other than my two princesses.
He loves a buffet!!! Kyle collects art. Check out this unbelievable painting of Duke running. I LOVE it!!! I want one of each of my girls. I have always loved this too.
He had a big night and had to crash in the corner. Doesn't this kind of look like Ali??

My friend Lu invited me to her house on Sunday afternoon for a relaxing afternoon at the pool. Sun and lots of girl talk. A perfect summer day. What could be better??

Thanks friends for a fabulous summer weekend!!! I have a big surprise that I will reveal in tomorrow's blog post. Stay tuned and come back tomorrow!!!

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StephensSC said...

Are you kidding me... A big surprise and we have to wait! Girl, you better post early!

Anonymous said...

Hey, LA! I have only seen your blog one other time, but I have been on here for hours scrolling through and catching up! I am so impressed!! You are dedicated! It is fun to get to read and see the "reviews" of people and events in your life! Btw- your home is beautiful! I am so glad we got together this weekend and I had a really fun time with you!


Mari said...

Duke is a real cutey! It sounds like yo had a wonderful weekend and congratulations to Mike for coming in 3rd. Can't wait for the surprise!

Somerset Cottage said...

I so glad that you had a great weekend!