Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My cute great-nieces

My niece has been sending me some cute pics of my great-nieces. Their Daddy is in Afghanistan so she has been taking lots of pics to send to him. They are just so darn cute!!!

Look at that smile on Emmarie!!!!
I can't wait to kiss this adorable baby!!! Hopefully I'll be seeing Andrea for the first time in just a few weeks!!!
Emmarie loving on her baby sister Andrea
Look at those cheeks!! Precious!!
Emmarie reminds me so much of her Daddy when he was little.
Andrea looks like him too!! I also see their Mommy, Emelita, in them. Although, Emelita is scared that people think she is just their nanny.
Emmarie is good on the bike. She just turned three!! I got her that cute t-shirt. Too bad I'm not still a flight attendant:(
Emmarie loves her Grandpa {my Dad and her Great-Grandpa}
I think that girl loves ice cream as much as he does.
It just makes my heart melt to see my Dad with the girls. It makes me want a baby so bad I can't stand it!! He likes to spoil his grandkids!!! {I guess he was pretty good at spoiling his own kids too}
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Mari said...

Those pictures are really cute. I love to see my Dad with kids too - it does melt your heart!

Jennisa said...

Such cuties!

I want you to have a baby oh so much too! :) I had those trials for almost 3 years, so I feel your pain, my dear! Let me know if you want to know what lengths we went to with conceiving our Livvie! :)

Cheri said...

They are adorable.
I have a picture of Halle walking down the road holding my dad's hand. It makes me smile every time I see it.

Michelle said...

Nieces are so much fun, I have all boys and I love to spoil my nieces!

Take Care

Anonymous said...

They are just DARLING! Me thinks they might look a little like their Aunt Cathy! LOL!!!!!

Dena said...

your dad is precious - i could sop him up with a biscuit!

OMG look how big emmarie has gotten! wow has time flown by! they are gorgeous!!!

I laughed hard at the t shirt!
and then shed a buddy pass tear!