Thursday, March 27, 2008

No more feelin' sorry for myself!!

I obviously was in a funk when I wrote my last post. I probably should have just written that post on a piece of paper and chucked it in the trash. Just writing it down made me feel better, so I should have stopped myself before I hit the publish post button. Sorry you had to read about me feeling sorry for myself. Today is a MUCH better day. God is Good!! I have been presented with an opportunity to work from home, and I think it is going to be PERFECT for me. This opportunity fits everything that I have been looking for. I should have been confident that He would provide for me, but I'm a typical impatient person who wants to control everything on my own. Next time I'll just "Be still and listen" and not bore you with my feelin' sorry for myself speech:) Thanks for your words of support, though.
Pity Party + PMS = VERY Bad Combination

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Terri said...

I just read your post from yesterday. I totally feel what you were feeling too. I also would like something else to do - with the economy in Michigan so bad - our budget is not good either. It sounds as though you have found something - to be able to work from your home is great. I hope it works out for you!

Sometimes you just need to vent though!

Cheri said...

Don't apologize- it just makes you a real person showing real emotions and frustrations. I'd rather hear that than all happy all the time, because then I tend to not believe it!
I'm thrilled that you found what you needed. Congratulations!

Amy said...

Glad you are having a better day :)

Mari said...

That's what your bloggy friends are for. We want to listen and support you when you need it! I'm glad something has come up for you!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Yeah, what Mari said. Contrary to what you said, I think it's good you can vent/unload to your online friends and get a little empathy and encouragement. That's what we're all here for! Celebrate the good times, help one another through the rough times.

Buffie said...

THAT IS SO WONDERFUL!!! I was just about to leave a comment on the last post to tell you to keep praying about it, but see there..God is Good, even when things are bad!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!!! Can't wait to hear about the new opportunity! Whaddup?? You really didn't even have to wait very long for God to answer that prayer did you? So glad you're patient. Now for that "baby business". Onward and upward! Love, SIS

IRENE said...

I arrived here following a link from your blog designer.
Please allow me a comment on your posts that I've read.
When my husband and me first moved to the town we live in, and opened our shop, I was so sad.
I have grown up in a family praising academic excellency. I have excelled in College and expected to work in my chosen field of studies (Archaeology).
When I moved to Greece, I was disappointed to find that there weren't any job openings (unless you knew someone who knew someone).
Although in love with my husband, I was disappointed I had to waste my past studies and sell furniture and matresses instead.
I was frustrated and very lonely.
I was diagnosed with depression and struggled with my weight.
And I had lost faith.
Two years ago I began blogging.
I met some lovely ladies, who supported me and are guiding me with God's grace into finding a reason and a purpose in life. And I began trusting in God.
I know I have a long way, but I hang on to it.
There are good days and less good days. But I hang on.
You are a lovely lady and I believe you can do anything you put your mind to-with God's grace-.
There is a time and a reason. If I may say so, I humbly do. Hang on and believe.
With love,

jenniedub said...

Do tell about this new job! :) Glad you are not in a "funk" anymore!

Dena said...

Patience is a virtue -

One we don't have! hahhahahahaha
don't we always laugh at God's timing for us? He gots a good sense of humor when he's messin' with us!


We are all in this together! I am so glad to hear you found something...yay! please share what your new job is...I would love to work from home.