Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Move Over Jeff Gordon!!

Mike and I have not been racing fans in the past, but I think we will have to start goin' to the races. We were invited for a once in a lifetime experience to ride shotgun in an Iroc with a professional driver at Darlington International Raceway. We suited up in all the gear, and went around the track at somewhere around 140-150 mph. We rode inches away from the wall. It was AWESOME!!! I am claustrophobic, so I didn't love all the gear that I had to get into. The ride was great, though. We then got our next adrenaline rush by having a chance to go "drifting". A new sport, this involves going sideways at a high speed in a souped up Mustang through an obstacle course. Basically it's like spinning out and doing doughnuts at high speeds as you're going around curves. Now that was incredible!! That might have been even more fun than doing the laps. I have a new appreciation for race car drivers!!

Mike dressed in his gear before the laps.

Mike trying to sit in a Formula 1 car (the wine and cheese crowd's kind of racing:).
I think he decided that he was much too tall for that car.
Yeah, I don't think you have to worry about me walking out in front of those cars.
Getting ready to go!!
Here I am trying to crawl out the window.
A little wave to my fans:)
The driver told us a thumbs up meant for him to go faster. Mike gave his driver TWO thumbs up (adrenaline junkie), and his driver even passed another car. Mine didn't do that, thank God.
This was after we took our gear off.

Here I go for my drifting experience.
Here I am taking a corner- he spun out much further than what this pic shows.
Coming in from the ultimate ride
We also received a bunch of stuff. We got to keep our face masks, gloves and the backpacks that they gave us to keep our stuff in. We got pics taken in our gear with our helmets, hats that said "Riding Shotgun", disposable cameras, earplugs (although we didn't use them) and thermos cups. Too fun!!!

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Mari said...

My husband would just love this experience! He and Andy are big Nascar fans. I like it too - they just like it more. I love the pictures - looks like fun.

Shannon Davis said...

Okay I am sosososososo jealous. I can't believe the fun you had. Brandon and I would have loved an opportunity to do this. Did you know growing up my dream was to be a race car driver!!!!!! I am just so jealous. Love the pics and love the cabinets. See you at the Darlington Race this year!! Looks like we are going to take Hunter again!! Hope for no rain this year. Love Shannon, Brandon, Hunter and little baby Davis

Cheri said...

Oh how fun- I love Nascar!!
I would be very nervous though about getting in and out of that car.

jenniedub said...

I am so glad you are my new bloggie friend. Let me just say that my husband would be sooo jealous. He loves some Nascar. My cousin rode around the Atlanta Track so I will have to tell him about this!
And I will add you to my list when I get a chance! :) Go racing, girl!

The Nester said...

We are total NASCAR fans! It's addicting! It's the only sport I can stand! I have even been to a race. so glad to find you and I love your kitchen cab makeover!

The Nester said...

PS I tried to respond to your comment via email it didn't work because you are a no reply so I am putting it here! Here goes:

Will you marry me?

I am in love. With myself--in you! We lived in Columbia when I was in high school. I went to Irmo (1992 grad) my sister went to Dutch Fork. And college--Columbia Bible--AKA Columbia International University. Then we lived there again when my husband got his masters degree. You are only 3 hours away from me up here in Charlotte! I think we would have great fun together!

I'm sure you could teach me a thing or two about gift wrapping! I am a gift wrapping SNOB--some girls need to be the prettiest one at the party, not me, I must have the best wrapped gift. I imagine that you are the same way!

I am so happy to meet you and am now going to follow your link and hope I find a blog!

Your twin,
The Nester

The Nester said...

YOU KNOW THE BUMPERMAN!!!! Okay, umm I have met most of them. Is that the same guy that's in Greenville? Big Teddy Bear kind of man, Kenny?

We could totally go to Mary Jo's together! I'm on spring break next week!

LeslieW. said...

That's awesome! What a great privlege!!! Are you gonna wear that "red" gear?!

Dena said...

wowsa - i would NEVAH NEVAH NEVAH do that - I would have had a heart attack! y'all are sooo brave a maybe a little red now - i mean it was a ciggie car!

Terri said...

What a ton of fun. I'm not big into Nascar but I love to go fast!

Buffie said...

I know so many people who would love to do what you got to do....Awesome!!!