Friday, June 12, 2009

Frugal Friday

A friend introduced me to this fabulous place that I have affectionately named "The Target Graveyard". If you like organized, non-digging shopping, then this is not the place for you. It's a bit like a thrift store, but the products are new. They buy stuff at pennies on the dollar and sell it in a warehouse setting. Most of what I have bought is Tar-jay stuff. They have it marked with the orange tags. If the item is under $10, then it is 50% off the tag. If the item is over $10, then it is 60% off the tag. Here's what I scored on my first visit:

1) Sandalwood potpourri with wicker balls I paid: $3.50 Currently in the store for $16.99
2) Eiffel Tower sculpture I paid: $2.50 Currently in the store for $39.99
3) Set of 2 Navy sailcloth window panels I paid: $2.50 Currently in the store for $29.99
4) Embroidered white window panel I paid: $2.50 Currently in the store for $19.99
5) Brown wrought iron branch candle holder I paid: $2.50 Currently in the store for $17.19
6) Leaves removable wall art I paid: $2.50 Something like it currently in the store for $24.99
7) Black wrought iron plant stand I paid: $5.00 Currently in the store for $15.99
8) Smooth away I paid: $5.00 (don't waste your money) Currently in the store for $9.99
9) Memory framed shadow box I paid: $2.50
10) Decorative bundle of sticks I paid: $2.50
11) Printer paper I paid: $1.60
12) Doggie tennis ball toy I paid: $2.44
13) Set of 18 bronze glittered bird ornaments (I will be making a bird's nest mini tree for Christmas) I paid: $2.16
14) Bamboo candle holder I paid: $5.00

These kind of bargains get me excited!! I have a use for each thing~ I didn't just buy things because they were inexpensive. I'll do a post later where I show you how I used each item. Have a good weekend!!
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Mari said...

Wow! I want one of those stores by me. Good job!

jenniedub said...

Please tell me where this store is. You know I am not too far from you and would so come to shop there! :)

Cathy said...

Hey, you hit paydirt, LA! What a stash! I can totally see you using every single thing you bought-someday. Your creative self will get right on it. Post those pics! What's the name of this Tar-jay graveyard?

Dena said...

DUDE! I can't wait to give you house projects for the beach! you are a deal finder!

The Nester said...

Hey girl, hate me I cannot find your email--email me if you think you might want to drive up for my swap meet!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh, my! I would love to find a place like this!!!