Sunday, May 18, 2008

Salon de Birdsell

"The girls" had an appointment at Salon de Birdsell. We like to keep them shaved for their comfort and (selfishly) to keep them from shedding!!!

Ashleigh in the waiting room or as she calls it- purgatory:)
Ali figured that she might as well relax while she waited.
Here we go...
I look like I have a lion mane!!
Don't forget my hairy chin!!
See why we've been hot and shedding all over the new nest?
Oh! I love a bath!!
Daddy thinks it's funny to make the hair on my head stand up!!

I am so OVER this!! I know I'm a lab, but I HATE water!!
At least Mommy and Daddy got us new summer preppy collars for all this trouble that they are putting us through.
We were so good that we even got an ice cream cone!!
Yummy in our little doggie tummies!!

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The Birds Nest said...

Oooh what fun we had! 3 hours of playing groomer! I hope their hair doesn't grow back soon. You're right- our selfishness gives us shaved "rat" dogs without the shedding. Its beautiful!!! I wish everyone could get the full picture of how much the dogs love the haircuts. It worked out for me to be a great date night. Shave the dogs and get ice cream.

Thanks for the memories girl dogs and Leigh Ann!


Darby said...

Ok, could they get any cuter! Those precious little faces don't need to talk... you know exactly what they are saying... "get me the heck outta here!" and then "Ok, it was worth it for this ice cream!" I wish someone would take me out for ice cream after I get my hair cut and bathe! :)

Mari said...

They are cute - I'm glad you rewarded them with collars and icecream!
PS - we had a lab that hated water too.

Cheri said...

Yeah- they didn't look too happy awaiting their hair cuts.
They really are so cute- I'm glad they got some ice cream out of the night!

Dena said...


Terri said...

Maybe I need to promise my "Lexi" some ice cream. She got her hair cut 1 week ago and had to pretty much be knocked out for it. If only I could talk dog language and explain the benefits to her. I'm so jealous looking at the pictures of your girls sitting so nicely...
I think I just bought the same pink collar.

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

PERK! Did someone say ice cream?! You can shave MY head if I can have some ice cream! Please?


Hipmomofboyz said...

Could those pictures be any cuter???
I just took my baby bella to the beauty shop today. I will have to make a post about her.

Amy said...

So cute! I love the whale collar :)

Margaret said...

What did you do to those precious babies? Oh well, the price of beauty...