Friday, May 16, 2008

Friendship Friday

Our friends Tommy and Brandy came down from Illinois to go to the Masters. They were able to stay a week, and it's always so much fun to see them. They love it here in the Spring, so maybe next time we can talk them into staying for several weeks!!

They better come down for football in the fall too!!
The whole golfin' gang enjoying some sushi. What is crazy is that Mike and I are responsible for moving 3 of the 4 people on the left hand side of the table down from Illinois. Tommy and Brandy better beware- we might try to move them down here too!!
What's sushi without a little "Sake time"!! When Mike told me that he ordered a keg of sake, I thought he was kidding. He obviously wasn't, though:)

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Dena said...

What great friends - so fun! It's like a table of home - I think it's funny ALL of you left the "midwest" uh - north to come to columbia!

Terri said...

What - you're transporting people down south! If you think about getting one of us sisters - do you know you'd probably get all 3?
Looks like a great bunch of friends.

Melissa said...

hey girl! I removed the strawberry french toast b.c. i thought it was gross. I don't like ricotta cheese ;)

Mari said...

Another good time - you guys have too much fun!

Melissa said...

the recipe for you!

jenniedub said...

What's sushi without sake?!!! :)