Thursday, January 24, 2008

House Update

The end is in sight!! We have scheduled our movers for Monday. Let's hope they get everything fixed by then!!
They are almost finished with the landscaping. Just a few more plants, more pine straw and landscaping will be done. Well, at least until the Spring when we decide to add more stuff.
We actually have house numbers now.
This is the pineapple light in the foyer that matches the pineapple lights on the front of the house and the sides of the garage door.
Here's the mirror in the guest bath. They still need to fix the light fixture.
Here's the closet in one of the guest bedrooms. There are spots in the drywall because they installed the guest bedroom closets backwards. They are still working on that problem:)
The grates are on the cooktop.
One side of our master closet. We have 2 sets of drawers, shelves and shoe racks.
Here's the other side of the closet. We have double hanging rods going down the side, a single hanging rod along the back wall and shoe racks underneath.
Here's one view of the master bath that includes my vanity. They still have to install the shower doors and hopefully fix the mirrors that they screwed up. I certainly didn't want a wall '0 mirror!!
Here's another view which includes Mike's vanity. Another messed up mirror.
I have this whole bamboo thing going on. Mike and I have matching faucets.
Here's the matching tub faucet. On the right is a really cool sprayer.
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Cathy said...

Oh, L.A.!! Everything looks so beautiful! You have such exquisite taste and a way of making your home so "YOU". I am anxious to see it all with my own eyes. It should be fun moving in this time. Your new nest is so perfect for my favorite "Birds".

Mari said...

It is just beautiful. I'm happy for you both that move in day is getting close!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It's gorgeous! Congratulations- I know it's a long haul to build yourself. You did a fantastic job!

Amy said...

Looking good! I am so excited you are moving in soon!

Anonymous said...


Great Stuff Baby! You have finally arrived. The house looks great. Hopefully our plans of moving in will come true on Monday. I am looking forward to moving again because this time it will be for a positive move in our life, not just moving because our landlord wondering if we are going to sign another lease. We have come a long way and things are only going to get better. We love all our friends and relationships that have helped us in getting to this point. Thank you GOD.

I love you so much! MB

Terri said...

That sprayer does look pretty cool. I['m glad that the end is in sight!

Mari said...

Stop by my blog to pick up an award!

Jennisa said...

YIPPIE! I can't believe the end is near! How exciting for you! You must just be a bundle of emotions... And, those bamboo faucets...come on! How cool are they!

I think my green laptop, and your pink laptop, could be friends...ya think they'll ever meet? :) I hope so!

Kim said...

Hi! I have seen your blog through a friend of mine and I need to say you house is simply amazing! Everything about it is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Kim said...

Hi! I have seen your blog through a friend of mine and I need to say you house is simply amazing! Everything about it is INCREDIBLE!!!!!