Monday, January 7, 2008

Baby Boom!!!

We are having a baby boom among my family and friends!! 2007 brought many babies into the world and the announcement of many more to come in 2008. I can't believe that I will be a great-aunt to 4 nieces and nephews by next Fall. Crazy!! Most people my age are not even close to being a great-aunt, but then again I was an aunt by the time I was 6 years old!! Congratulations to everyone!! We are so happy for you!! I hope ya'll enjoy these pics as much as I do!!

Hunter was born on Jan. 19th to our friends Shannon and Brandon
Hunter in an old school pram that was his mother's when she was a baby
Hunter on the beach this summer during our annual trip to Pawley's Island
Our Godson Cole was born on May 6th to Mike's sister Alicia, her husband Brian and Big Sis Riley
Cole playing on the floor with his Daddy
Cole's baptism (Big sis Riley stood at the alter with us during her baby brother's baptism)
Cole and Uncle Mike shopping the night before Christmas Eve
Addison was born on Aug. 31st to our friends Stephanie, Andrew and Big Brother Connor
Addison catching a nap
Addison is still so tired
Ryan was born on Dec. 21st to our friends Michelle, Jeff and Big Brother Alex
Ryan enjoying a nap
TaylorAnne was born on Dec. 24th to our friends Chevis, Marc and Bis Sis Ryanne
TaylorAnne is going to need a haircut before she is a month old:)
Big Sis Ryanne with her favorite stocking stuffer- her new little sis!!
Anderson was born on Dec. 28th to our friends Nicole, Brady and Bis Sis Ava
Anderson telling his Momma to be quiet:)
Our friends Megan, Chris and Big Brother Eli are expecting any day now
Our friends Dottie and David will soon have their first baby (Sorry David that I didn't have a pic of you on my computer)
My nephew Andrew, his wife Emelita and Big Sis Emmarie are expecting another baby girl this Spring. Unfortunately, Andrew is leaving in a few days for Afghanistan for 15 months. Please keep them in your prayers!!
Andrew's younger brother (my nephew) and Megan are expecting a baby next Summer
My BFF from Illinois, Nancy and her husband Brad, who got married on Sept. 15th just found out that they are expecting.
Another friend from Illinois, Rachel and her husband John (Sorry John I didn't have a pic of you) who got married on March 1st are expecting a baby this Summer.
My cousin Paula, her husband Paul and Big Sis Mady are expecting a baby this Spring. Sorry Paula and Paul that I didn't have a pic of the two of you. I was happy to show off Mady, though!!
My niece Lisa and Keith are expecting a baby boy this Spring.
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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Those are some beautiful babies!
What a great way to start my day- nothing like a whole page of adorable baby faces!

Terri said...

What a bunch of sweet looking babies. You just can't help but feel love when you look at them.

Mari said...

That is a baby boom! What a bunch of cute babies and kids (The parents aren't bad either!)
PS - the recipes you were looking for are linked to the post. If you click on the recipe, it will bring you to the recipe. They are posted on my recipe blog - the address for it is:

Anonymous said...

All I can say is there seems to have been a lot of lovin' going on! Wow!!!!

Dena said...

Dude - that'a a LOT of chillins - lots of spit up and dirty diapers! hahahahahha- sooooo cute!

that did take a lot of work - it looks very good!

Melissa said...

man o man. lots of kiddos are grreat! prayers to everyone!

Jeffcoat House said...

Yes Ma'm! You know we do love us some babies around here! But, you are the bestest surrogate aunt, I hear :)