Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a few things...

I LOVE these dogs!! They are so darn cute. They are very close, and like to be near each other. They're not supposed to be on top of the back sofa cushions like Ashleigh is...Ali is looking at her like "You better get down. You're gonna get in trouble." She didn't get in trouble. I had just watched Marley & Me and all I wanted to do was hug and kiss both of them. They are great dogs and I don't know what I will do without them!!
I LOVE this man!! He works so hard for us, and even though he doesn't love yardwork he still worked on the yard after working a 13 hour day. I can't do allergies are REALLY bad!! The sod that we put down last year hasn't grown in, but the grass seed that we put down before the sod is growing like crazy. Looks pretty silly...maybe later this summer we will finally have a grassy backyard. Not too sure...our backyard has a long ways to go. I'll post some progress pics throughout the summer.
My girlfriend Margaret signed me up to teach Sunday school to grades 1-5. Without telling me ahead of time. Love ya girl. Mean it:) I was once again reminded that I was never meant to be a teacher.
Hopefully we will reach them in some small way, but I'm not sure. Like I said, I'm not meant to be a teacher. They mostly like the play time towards the end of class. We had 17 kids this past Sunday...2 teachers...candy and small little toy rewards work wonders. Bribery. It's a good thing.

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Mari said...

Good luck with the teaching - bribery can work wonders sometimes!

Margaret said...

Please forgive me for volunteering you without your permission! I'll never learn!

Jamie said...

We have still have problems with our backyard, and we've been in our house 3 yrs. We've tried a lot of things, and it never wants to grow in.
Let me know if you find something that works for you guys:)