Sunday, November 23, 2008

Congratulations SuSu and Daniel!!

We want to send big love and best wishes to our friends SuSu and Daniel. They were married last night behind her parent's home with the sunset and the water in the background. They are so perfect together, and they are just about the cutest couple that I've ever seen. I am so happy that they found each other. It was a beautiful wedding~the flowers were gorgeous, the ginormous tent with little white lights and seating areas with sofas was spectacular, the food was divine {shrimp and grits, crabcakes, grilled quail bites, beef tenderloin, ham and biscuits, potato bar, pheasant, duck and venison sausage, fruit with chocolate dipping sauce}, a super fun band and a glowing bride and happy-as-a-clam groom. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had gotten some better pictures. It seemed like every time that I went to take a shot that I missed the shot. Do you ever have one of those bad picture taking days? Anyway, congrats to the newly married couple!!

What a beautiful bride!!
They were dancing the whole night. I'm so glad that they enjoyed themselves.
They did the traditional change of clothes to leave for their honeymoon. The whole thing was just like "The Father of the Bride" movie. Notice that I once again missed the shot...I hope to eventually get a faster camera because this happens to me frequently. Bummer!
I did not capture the essence of the beautiful outdoor ceremony area. Take my word for it. It was stunning!!
Those flowers behind us were fabulous!!
Our friends Chad and Sara had his parents and sister in town from Illinois, so they were able to join in on the fun...and fun it was!!
Mike got to hang out with lots of his buddies that he doesn't get to see that often. What a downer that we all lead such busy lives that it keeps us from spending time with friends!!
Look at the beautiful tent!! It was beyond stunning!!

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Mari said...

It looks like a beautiful wedding. Glad you got to spend time with friends!

Jamie said...

That tent looks amazing! What a beautiful wedding.

Leigh Ann said...
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Leigh Ann said...

I just found your blog through Nester. Just wanted to let you know we share the same name(and spelling). As I was reading some of your Posts, I see you have a sister Cathy, me too!LOL! You don't by chance have 2 brothers by the names Dick and Rob do you??! That would be to weird. Anyway, cute blog!

Liz said...

Her dress was beautiful!