Friday, September 12, 2008

OneCoast University

I have spent the past few days attending OneCoast University in Dallas. This is a training program for my job. I learned SO much, but it was intense!!! Twelve hours a day in class and then we had a 2 1/2 hour long essay test on the last day.

Here are some of my instructors.
This was my roomie Debbie. Wow!!!! I look tired!!!! Oh yeah, I was!!!!
Here's some of my classmates. There were 35 of us- 33 women and 2 men.
Here I am with the CEO Ted Teele (that man is a marketing genius) and my mentor Nora Campbell. They both taught some of the classes.
Here's some of the stuff that we received. The big binder was our OneCoast textbook for the week. They gave us surcies like notecards, notepads, a big bag of snacks when we checked in and the bear was waiting in our room for us one night after dinner. Marketing your retail store is only one of the books that we will be receiving. Every year our company sends a book to our top 1,000 customers and all of the 400 employees. That was last year's book, and we will get this year's book in the mail. I thought that was kinda cool that they want to educate the customers as well as us. We had a little graduation ceremony where we received our certificate and a framed pic with the CEO and our mentor.
I just know that everything I learned at OneCoast University is going to be a great foundation for my new job, and I am so fortunate to have been hired for this position. There were some really bright people in my class, and OneCoast is a fabulous company. Thank you God for answering my prayers!!

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Mari said...

Wow - that's a long essay test! I'm sure you did great on it. I'm thinking there was a lot of studying done over the last few days, but lots of fun too!

Cath said...

Sounds like you were getting some intense training. Glad it's over and you're set to begin your new job. They're lucky to have you on board. Wait until they see what you can do!!!!!

Cheri said...

That sounds like a very intense class. I would have been exhausted too!
Glad you've found a job you're so happy in.

Hipmomofboyz said...

An Essay test!!!! WOW that's like being back in college. I'm glad you are so excited about your new job...
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how else to contact you except by posting a comment. I am interested in a career w/ OneCoast University and it sounds like you Love It! I am trying to find out as much as I can about the position of territory rep. In my opinion, nothing is better than speaking with an actual employee! If you have time, please contact me. I would appreciate it greatly.
Thank you in advance!
My Best,