Wednesday, April 2, 2008

30 things about me!!

Jennisa at posed a challenge to do 100 things about yourself, with your hubs filling in the last 20. I was planning to do a 100 things for my 100th post, so I thought I would just do a miniature version of her idea. When I get to my 100th post, you will get to read 100 things about me. I'm sure you're waiting with baited breath:) Here's my 30 with Mike listing the last 10 things about me:

1) My favorite sandwich when I was little was peanut butter (Jif extra crunchy) and marshmellow cream.

2) I was a cheerleader for 7 years- 6 in elementary, junior and high school and 1 year of college (with a cheerleading scholarship until I transferred schools).

3) I also played volleyball for 4 years and basketball for 1.

4) I attended 3 colleges, and graduated from 2 of them. The theme of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life is not a new thing:)

5) I also have a certificate in interior decorating, finished real estate school and took cooking classes at Fleur-de-Lys Culinary Institute.

6) I have a brother, a sister and another brother who passed away 1 year and 4 months ago. I miss him terribly. They were 14, 16 and 17 when I was born (same parents). It was like I grew up with 2 moms and 3 dads.

7) The good thing about that was they played school with me all of the time and when I went to kindergarten at 4 years old, I could already write in cursive and read anything that you put in front of me.

8) I didn't want children until I was in my 30's, and now I REALLY want them and I'm having a hard time getting and staying pregnant.

9) I LOVE Barbies. Always have. I played with them until I was 13, and still have a collection of those beautiful girls.

10) I have a new pink laptop and a new pink phone.

11) I have 7 nieces and nephews (the youngest one is in high school), 2 of them beat me to getting married, 3 of them beat me to having children. I have a step-niece who is getting married this month, 2 great nieces, 1 great nephew on his way and another great niece or nephew on his/her way.

12) One of those great nieces was just born last night. Congratulations Andy and Emmelita!! Apparently, Andrea looks just like her big sister Emmarie. Her daddy is serving in Afghanistan and was not able to see her being born.

13) I have had 13 addresses- One until I was 18 and the rest as an adult.

14) I LOVE my king-sized bed. I HIGHLY recommend Simmons Beautyrest. All of our mattresses in our house are Simmons Beautyrest, and we always get compliments on how comfy they are.

15) I used to sell Pampered Chef, and at one time I owned everything that was in their catalog. Most of it I won or payed very little for it. I love me some kitchen gadgets.

16) I also love dishes, china, glasses, serving pieces, etc.

17) I was a Retail Management major in college, but have never managed any kind of retail. It was basically a marketing degree without finance classes. Retail just happened to be a specialized major at our college in the school of Applied Professional Sciences.

18) I met my amazing husband at church camp when we were in the 6th grade.

19) We didn't date until we were in college.

20) We kept in touch through the years with letters, went on a couple of "little dates" and he was the first boy that I kissed.

21) Here I (Mike) go! She is a true friend, strong believier in being positive, never gives up until it is her way and she speaks from the heart.

22) Loves her dogs more than life!

23) She can find a deal on anything and will not quit until she finds a deal.

24) She hates the morning, but loves the night.

25) She can seriously cook up a storm. Her passion for life starts in the kitchen. For those of you who have had her cooking, you can back this up.

26) She has felt upside down before, but her heart, belief in the Lord, friendships, and desire to be successful has always put her back on top.

27) She keeps in touch with everyone. If you know Leigh Ann she will not forget you. She loves everyone she meets and treats everyone equally. What a great quality!

28) If your "boat is empty" Leigh Ann will do everything she can to build your esteem to help you keep your belief that your "boat will soon be full".

29) She is always up for everything, especially if it means traveling to experience something new.

30) Her spirit, hope and beliefs make my life FULL. I could not have succeeded without her friendship, love and guidance. Everyone needs to know, love and believe in Leigh Ann.

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Darby Stickler said...

What fun! I love it... it's so intriquing to hear about others... and see how similar we "bloggers" are! :) And I can attest to the cooking... although I've never had it! I've read about it now and I wish you'd fix all these recipes for me!!!

Jennisa said...

WOW! Aren't you glad you did this? How wonderful to hear the things your hubby had to say about you....ahhh... *sigh*

Oh...I also liked reading the stuff you had to say! It's always fun reading more about your bloggie buddies! :)

Jeffcoat House said...

So cool- that sweet Mike! You are a terrific- keeper upper!

Cheri said...

What a great hubby you have!!

Amy said...

How sweet! I love learning new things about my bloggie friends :)

Buffie said...

Sniff sniff...I AM waiting with baited breath on the 100th post!!!

Mari said...

I love this list and think it is so sweet that Mike finished it up! You have lots of great qualities and that's why I'm happy to have you as a friend!

jenniedub said...

What a sweet hubby! :) I will have to try this pb and marshmellow cream thing. Not so sure but it is worth a shot.

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

What lovely comments from your husband -- you two are clearly very much in love! We have lots in common (basketball, cheerleading, marshmallow creme, dogs, etc.). Great list!

LeslieW. said...

That is so much fun! You are truly a jill of all trades!

Melissa said...

too sweet of your hubby!


I like the idea of your husband finishing up your list...he is so sweet! you are blessed. Girl you are many interests and talents! I noticed you said you have a pink laptop! I am looking at laptops right now and I can't decide which to choose...What brand did you choose? do you like it? router or broad band card? Can you tell I have been researching this?

Dena said...

Ok - so I knew everything except the cheerleader (in college part) hahaha

Mike did an excellent job in defining you to a tee - my only selfish hope is you don't meet anyone new because I cherish my lele time and am NOT good at sharing!