Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Are we moved in...yes. Are we settled...not even close.

13 Things that have not exactly gone smoothly during our move:

1) Instead of using Three Men and A Truck like we usually do, we used a local company. We hired 4 men and 2 trucks, but got 3 1/2 men and 1 1/2 trucks. One man was hurt...... Can I say useless? One truck was big and the other truck was small. Needless to say, we didn't finish on the first day. They had to come back for a second day. It also cost WAY more than we had anticipated. NOT happy with that!!

2) The movers put boxes on top of a glass topped piece of furniture. Guess what I found when I moved the boxes? Yeah, it was broken. Rocket scientists they were.

3) The useless, hurt mover put our King sized bed together. I'm surprised we didn't end up on the floor because, of course, he didn't put it together properly. I should also mention that every mover we've ever had has told us that we had the heaviest bed that they have ever moved. It was SO fun to try to help my husband move the bed so we could get it put together properly.

4) The owner of the moving company came back to install our washer and dryer. After doing my first load of laundry, I asked Mike why it was so hot in the laundry room and why lint was flying around everywhere. Well, that brain surgeon didn't bother to put the clamps on the dryer hose.

5) Our house has been full of workers coming back to fix things or put finishing touches on things. It has made it difficult to get things done with other people in my house all of the time. People- Can I just sleep in one day??

6) We are just getting our shower wall/door TODAY. That has been fun trying to keep the water from being all over the bathroom.

7) We still have no mail. We just got a mailbox over the weekend, but they still haven't delivered to us. I wonder how long that will take?? Knowing SC USPS, it could be awhile.

8) We finally got cable and internet. Time Warner said they would be here between 10a-12p. They got here around 7 pm. Only a few hours off. Oh, they had to come back the next day too. Still no phone, though, until the 9th.

9) The fireplace is still not finished nor is it working. Not sure if we will get to use that this year since we've already had 80 degree weather.

10) Our dishwasher is not working.

11) The hardware latches for the kitchen cabinets came in and wouldn't work correctly, so we have nothing on the upper cabinets. Since the doors are inset into the cabinets instead of sitting on the outside of the cabinets, it makes it dificult to get them open. Some of the drawers are not working great either, so I anticipate having to unload cabinets to get them fixed. Good times, people!

12) When the security company came to install our system, they put the main box in our master closet. They had to take out some shelves/shoe racks to make the box fit. No, the shelves did not fit back where they belonged so it ruined my design of the closet. They finally fixed it yesterday, but we haven't been able to put everything in the closet since the closet was still a work in progress. I told the closet company that I would be available yesterday between 1p-4p. They decided to show up around 4:30, so I had to call Mike home from work since I was at a doctor's appointment. Typical.

13) I saved the funniest for last. The cable guy was scared of the dogs, so I put them in the master bedroom while he was working on installing our 8 cable t.v. outlets. (I know... ridiculous!!) When I went to get the girls out of the bedroom, they had locked us out. They must not have been too happy with us locking them up. You might be laughing, but I promise you they are that smart!! They had obviously bumped the push in lock on the door handle. We tried everything we could find to open the door. We couldn't call the builder to find out if he had left a key anywhere because both of our cell phones and car keys were locked in the bedroom!! I finally went next door to ask to use their phone to call our builder. They came over to try to help us. We ended up taking the door handle off. Pretty comical!!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the crazy things that happen to you! Will your life ever settle down? Have fun this weekend with your company! I am so anxious to see new picutures with furniture and "the girls" in them. Love you!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Oh moving is so much fun isn't it!
Glad you're in your house and I hope it's smooth sailing from here!

Mari said...

I've been wondering how you were doing. It sounds a little crazy! I see you got your awards posted and the live traffic feed up. Yeah for you!

Terri said...

That's so funny - probably not so much for you though. Think of all the great blogging material you had because of it though.
Those dogs sure are smart, aren't they?

Jennisa said...

Oh Leigh Ann, how we have missed you! I'm so glad you're in your house, safe and sound! Sorry for all the oopsies....hopefully you'll get a good nights sleep, and things will start going right for you! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I'm just glad you're IN. Don't worry, you'll get all the kinks worked out and it'll all be a distant memory in a few months. Where on earth are our pictures, hmmm?

Jamie said...

Wow, your house is done?!? It looks great. It's been fun to see the progress over the last few months. Thanks for sharing, and can't wait to see more pictures when you are settled.

Lu said...

Girl, you crack me up....I wish I could have seen video footage of you trying to get that door open! What a HOOT!

LeslieW. said...

Oh man that sticks. New developments are hard too. We didn't have cable/internet for over 6 months and ups returned may a packages before they figured out we were a real address! The joys. Hope the kinks are worked out soon.